What Is The Best Fat Tire Electric Bike on the Market Today?

Our Experts have reviewed popular Fat Tire Electric Bikes and have posted our findings below.

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Beware of Electric Bike Online Review Sites:

First a word on the many online Fat Tire Electric Bike Review sites and YouTube E-Bike review videos.  While these sites may look legit and impartial, many are affiliate sites for specific brands of Electric Bikes. This means that they are getting paid for advertising the manufacturer’s E-Bikes, or are getting paid for the leads generated from their click-throughs to that specific manufacturer’s website.

Electrek.co used to publish valuable information on the Electric Bike industry. But now it just seems like they care more about the advertising revenue generated from their sponsors.

In June 2020, they published an article entitled: The Truth: How far can an electric bicycle really go on a single charge? Which detailed the math on how to determine Distance per Charge using the correct factors, specifically the E-Bike’s components.  Yet many of their advertisers are allowed to post ads with incredibly false claims that can’t possibly be realistic based on the bike’s components. This deception does our industry a big disservice especially when a customer gets their E-Bike and tests it and its performance doesn’t match the manufacturers’ claims.

At that E-Bike Guy, we are determined to educate an Electric Bike consumer on all the facts so they can make an informative decision on which E-Bike will be the best for that consumer’s specific needs.


That E-Bike Guy Reviews of Popular E-Bike Brands

Lectric eBikes Folding Bike Claims 100 miles

Lectric Folding E-Bikes Claim Range of 100+ Miles

None of the Lectric Electric Bikes have a range of 100+ miles as claimed. They are only 20ah max with math 20ah X 48v = 960 Watt-Hours; divided by 25 = 40 miles max. Don’t buy this if you can’t pedal more the 50 miles worth on your own. In our opinion, if you want an E-Bike, you don’t want to pedal that far.  Get an E-bike that goes the distance.

Revv 1 Performance-minded Moped-style E-Bike Review

Revv 1 Performance-minded Moped-style E-Bike

The first issue is the maximum speed is 20mph. Compare this to most electric bikes on the market, which range in speed from 25 – 38 mph. The average marathon runner goes 10mph, so this is pretty slow e-bike. Next, the crankset is one of the cheapest on the market; therefore, many manufacturers use this one. We cannot understand WHY??

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