The team at That E-Bike Guy has been noticing more and more online review companies have been posting misleading reviews on several popular Electric Bicycles. We suspect that many of these sites make money on these articles as advertorials. The content makes it look like they are giving an honest review of the products. However, it has become evident that the writers haven’t personally tested the bikes and are just posting misleading claims from the manufacturers.

Our team of experts has over 11 years in the E-Bike industry. The critical factors when choosing an electric bike are the battery’s voltage, what kind of motor, and the motor’s wattage. From there, we can determine mph and distance per charge mathematically. We also look at the quality of the bike components and their reputations in the market. In addition, we look at the overall design of the bicycle.

Here is our counter review of the review of the Revv 1 E-Bike:

The first issue is the maximum speed is 20mph. Compare this to most electric bikes on the market, which range in speed from 25 – 38 mph. The average marathon runner goes 10mph, so this is a pretty slow e-bike.

Next, the crankset is one of the cheapest on the market; therefore, many manufacturers use this one. We cannot understand WHY??? Why use a cheap crankset that will break? Having a plastic chain guard that puts it in and out of places is going to crack. Therefore, you’ll have to buy a crank puller to replace it. This costs more than the crankset itself.

Another issue is that the derailleur is the cheapest you can buy and will also break. As experts in the industry, we know that Shimano is so far behind in production, so you’re not going to easily buy a new one that puts your bike out of action until you can get a new derailleur. We don’t understand why manufacturers can’t spend $30 and use a good-quality derailleur on the bike.

In addition, the bracket is steel and thin. So, in time, these components will rust and break, and shifters will stop working.

But here is the biggest issue we see with the bike’s design, especially for a male rider: The bike has two tubes that tie back into the frame right at the point where the seat starts or ends depending on which way you’re sliding on this motorcycle seat. We circled the area in red on the photo.

The potential to slam your private parts on these rods is great, especially if you hit a curve or speed bump or just have to stop quickly. Once a rider has that happen, they will never want to get on that bike again. We would suggest adding heavy padding to the rods, but we don’t know if that will solve the problem entirely. We suspect the author at never took the bike out for a test run, as they would have recognized this potential.

As reviews come up online, we will be posting our counter reviews. Some may be good; some may be bad. But all will be the consensus of our experts.

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