Top Questions to Ask Before Buying an Electric Bicycle

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  1. What Country is the Manufacturer of your E-Bike located in?
    Many Electric Bike manufacturers are located in Asia which will obviously make corresponding with the manufacturer more difficult. We recommend purchasing from a manufacturer in the same country as you with a customer service number you can reach by phone should you have any questions or concerns.
  2. What is the Level of Service for your E-Bike?
    Many manufacturers require you send the bike back to be serviced should it need servicing and shipping can range from $150 – $300 depending on the weight of the bike. Also note, many Bicycle Repair Shops don’t work on electric bikes and if you find one that does, having an unauthorized repair shop work on the bike may void the warranty.
  3. What is the Manufacturer’s Warranty? Typically, the warranty on an Electric Bike is about 1-2 years. The experts at That E-Bike Guy recommend you do not purchase any E-Bike with less than that as a warranty as it indicates the manufacturer’s confidence in their products.
  4. Upgrades and Aftermarket Parts; Are the parts proprietary?
    How do you get parts like batteries, controllers, and motors? Can you find proprietary parts online? As more and more e-bike manufacturers enter the market and as the technology evolves, components for older bikes may become obsolete. If the parts can’t be retrofitted, your bike may become useless.
  5. What will you use the Electric Bike for?
    If you expect to use your Electric Bike only for riding on the street than a lightweight, thin tire electric bike may make sense. Commuters may want to opt for a folding E-Bike so they can store their bike inside the office. Fat Tire Electric Bikes are probably the most versatile types of Electric Bicycles as they can be used on any terrain, street, bike trails, beaches, rugged terrain and even snow which make them a year-round mode of transportation.
  1. What is the Power of the E-Bike?
    Common Options, Include:
  • 250 watts – range of power is minimal
  • 350 watts – 20 miles per hour on flat ground
  • 500 watts – Hills are easier to climb
  • 750 watts – Climb up any hills, get to Top Speed faster, still street legal in US.
  • 1000 watts or more – Electric bikes is for off-road use
  1. What Type of Motor does the E-Bike have?
  • Internal Hub Motor (Front Wheel Drive vs Rear Wheel Drive
  • Mid Drive Motor mounted in the middle of the bike
  • Dual Motor Electric Bikes
  1. Is it a Pedal Assist System or Throttle?
  • Pedal Assist bikes have a sensor that monitors the rider’s pedaling. When you pedal, the bike gives a small burst of energy with the motor and makes it feel like you are riding a regular bike without the effort.
  • A throttle system is much like a motorcycle, and it is usually mounted on the handlebar. The Throttle adjusts the power of the motor.
  1. What Type of Battery System Does It Have?
    It is important to make sure you have a high-quality, lithium-ion battery from a major manufacturer like SONY, Panasonic, LG or Samsung, as cheaper batteries have been known to fall or even catch on fire.
  2. How Easy Is Replacing the Battery?
    Eventually your battery will lose its ability to keep a charge and you will need to replace it. Proprietary batteries will require you order from the same manufacturer, and they may no longer carry batteries from older models. A battery that mounts to a frame is the easiest to replace and interchange. E-Bikes with an internal battery system may require you ship the bike back to the manufacturer.
  3. What Is the Distance per Charge?
    Distance per Charge is determined by Watt-Hours. Mathematically, Watt-Hours is determined by multiplying the battery’s Amp Hours (Ah) by Voltage.
    (V x Ah = Watt-Hours)

Distance per Charge = Watt-Hours ÷ 25

Beware of exaggerated range claims from many manufacturers as the mathematic equation. Add to that the variables of terrain, incline, decline, and weight of the bike and its rider which will drastically impact the range.






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